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When kids play tag, they don't just run...they have to think on their feet. The need for quick reflexes, sudden changes of direction, and speed means that playing tag is great exercise.

Tag games are easy to learn, with few rules. Many of these games and variations help kids foster physically active, social, healthy play.

It turns out that cutting recess and gym class to make room for more test prep is exactly the opposite of what helps students do well in school.

Elementary school kids who exercised for about an hour a day in an after-school program had better brain function and were more focused than students who didn’t get much physical activity.

kids in the exercise program or some kind of organized sport also improved in overall fitness. But there was also an unanticipated outcome in their attendance rates improved!

5 Interesting Facts:

1. Parkour originates in France and has its roots in military training and physical education.

2. Modern Parkour is said to be founded by David Belle and Sébastien Foucan who are ambassadors of the techniques and have pushed it into films and video games.

3. Parkour is not a sport in the traditional sense. In fact, competitive Parkour has been campaigned against by leading figures in the Parkour arena as it goes against the very philosophy of free movement and self-development.

4. Parkour has set movements or made up moves or tricks is up to the individual and focuses instead on swift movement with minimum injury.

5. Parkour practitioners are known as "Traceurs" - simply because they "trace" their way through the environment and across, under and over various obstacles.

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