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2 Hour Rentals!

  1. Youth Groups, Birthday Parties, Business Team/Co-worker building!

  2. Setup and take down fee added to service fee, fully operated by Flag Tag Officials. 

  3. Indoor Safe setups, 3/4-inch Industrial grade rubber on the bottom of all equipment for protection on floors. 

  4. Birthday party kids receive a Flag Tag Medal (up to 10 kids max), Birthday child receives a Flag Tag Wrist Band, and also a custom Flag Tag Jersey. Additional fee for more than 10 kids would apply.

Additional Package to add- Professional Picture packet.

1. Includes -

One single picture of birthday child. 

One Family picture.

One Birthday group picture.

20 Action shots.

1 Custom Video!

*Pictures by: Jerrolyn Ranney Photography LLC

Waivers signed here:

Release Of Liability Waiver (

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